[icon name=”line-chart” class=”fa-5x”] Think of Winework Solutions Digital Marketing as your in-house marketing assistant.


We can help you to devise an effective, affordable marketing strategy and assist in implementing it successfully.  We are the solution to special projects and those everyday marketing head-aches, for wine, craft beer and spirits producers.

Together, we can structure a package of services to meet your business’s  day-to-day marketing requirements.

These services include…

Website Development

Website Maintenance

Email Marketing

Media Communications

Product Launches & Trade Tastings

Business Development & Contracting

[icon name=”desktop” class=”fa-5x”] Website Development


We offer a suite of website development options whether you’re looking for simple and cost effective, modern and functional or an entirely bespoke solution.

Winework Solutions is experienced in managing the build process to keep it straightforward and understandable with all costs known up-front.

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[icon name=”laptop” class=”fa-5x” unprefixed_class=””] Website Maintenance


To be a truly effective tool in your brand marketing arsenal, your website should be current and captivating for users. This means giving regular attention to adding new content and new images while keeping vintages, notes and information current and engaging. But these tasks take time, commitment and a degree of technical skill.

Winework Solutions Digital Marketing can relieve you of this task, using our copy-writing skills to create fresh, engaging content for your site, posting new images to keep your site up-to-date with your brand’s latest happenings and using our technical abilities to get the job done quickly, easily and cost effectively.

We also work with talented web-designers who, when the time comes for a whole new look, can build your new site from the ground up and help take your brand to the world.

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[icon name=”envelope” class=”fa-5x”] Email Marketing


Done right, email marketing is an effective and affordable way to communicate with your distribution chain and your customers.  Email is highly targetable, can be personalised and delivers measurable results. But done wrong, it can be an annoyance for your audience, a disaster for your brand and even illegal.

Winework Solutions Digital Marketing has the tools and know-how to securely manage your commercially sensitive contact lists; design targeted, personalised email communications to keep your sales team and customers engaged with your brand; to deliver those communications quickly and affordably and to provide you with accurate, measured results from each email campaign.

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[icon name=”newspaper-o” class=”fa-5x”] Media Communications


There’s more to getting placement for your brand and your products in the media than sending a bottle to a magazine and hoping for the best. But what more?

At Winework Solutions Digital Marketing we know what more and that’s what we provide when our clients have us handle their media plans. Effective media packs compiled and sent to the right media outlets and the right media personalities for each brand in each market.

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[icon name=”glass” class=”fa-5x”] Product Launches & Trade Tastings


Here in New Zealand there’s often a big distance between where wine gets made and your biggest domestic market, Auckland. That can make reaching key potential customers and consumer influencers tricky.

Based in Auckland, Winework Solutions Digital Marketing are expert in planning and coordinating successful tastings for the liquor trade, hospitality and media. From sending invitations and collating the “RSVPs” to organising the venue, refreshments, staff and onsite hosting, we ensure our client’s brands and products are seen at their very best.

Our skilled and experienced wine professionals present our clients’ beers and wines with relevant sales information to audiences of every level and background, professional or consumer.

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[icon name=”handshake-o” class=”fa-5x” unprefixed_class=””] Business Development & Contracting


Being based in Auckland, Winework Solutions Digital Marketing can provide your wine or craft beer business with a virtual sales office in what is potentially your largest domestic market.

We develop a package of sales support services to suit each of our clients, including face-to-face sales calls in both on and off-premise, direct orders by phone, email or online and more.

Talk to us about how to gain a greater presence for your brand in Auckland and to sell more.

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