Since the middle of last century, Radoux have been one of France’s leading family owned cooperages.  Under the management of the family’s second generation the company gained full control of their source material by opening their own seasoning yard and stave mill.  The business then expanded, opening cooperages in Spain and in California.  Radoux was further strengthened in 2012 when they joined the Francois Freres Cooperage Group.

Tonnellerie RadouxToday, Radoux are committed to delivering every customer a product which meets with their requirements and to do everything possible to increase each customer’s satisfaction. Radoux constantly plan, develop, control and improve every aspect of their production and working methods.

As a Radoux customer, an oenologist-sales manager is constantly at your disposal.  An expert in tasting, he or she can recommend the barrel which will suit your requirements, check that the delivery corresponds to your order, regularly visit to check on the progress of your wine and help you decide at the end of the ageing process whether any adjustments are necessary for the next vintage.

Radoux brings its know-how into your cellars with a personalized series of tastings by our team of specialists based in wine regions all over the globe.  A travelling after sales service team is available to visit you on site to guide you on any questions you may have on the use and maintenance of our barrels or large capacity vessels.

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Radoux’s great strength, through its research, has been to integrate technology wherever its precision has presented an improvement over the manual skill of the best of coopers.

Radoux OakScan®

Radoux OakScan® is a system of rapid analysis, stave by stave, based on near infra-red Spectrometry.

Thanks to Oakscan®, it is now possible to determine the tannic potential of each barrel depending on the customers’ requirements, the demands of a grape variety or the characteristics of a vintage.

Along with the traditional methods of selecting the wood, its origin and grain, Radoux OakScan® enables us to guarantee that the Radoux barrels we supply you with have a homogeneous content of ellagitannins.

Radoux OakScan® ensures that the wood used is perfectly suited to the objectives you seek for your wines.

The Radoux Toasting Process

The aromatic toast is an essential phase in the manufacture of great quality barrels. It is crucial that this stage be fully controlled in order to obtain a harmonious development of the aromas and preserve the contribution of good texture or sweetness.

Depending on the length of the bousinage, toasting can be Light, Medium, Medium+ or Heavy. Each level of intensity gives the wood a different chemical profile, which then enhances the various aromas of toasting, spices, vanilla or coconut.

On top of the various levels of toast, Radoux Cooperage has fine-tuned specific techniques and can offer four distinct ranges: Classique, Evolution, Révélation and Intégration.

These original toasts have been studied so that depending on the grape variety, the length of aging and the selection of the wood, they bring either a discreet or more marked oak flavor and a tannic contribution which will round off or bring structure to your wines. Combined with the various levels of toast, they offer a wide range of toasts for red and white wines.

The Radoux Palette of Toasts
Classique Evolution Révélation Intégration
Aromatic complexity
and structure

Balance and roundness

Purity of the fruit and fullness Integration of the oak, finesse
The range of Classique toasts is particularly suited to wines which are aged for long periods, presenting moderate to intense aromatic contribution, reinforcing the tannic structure and the persistence of the wine. In order to satisfy the growing trend amongst consumers to drink young, fruity wines with smooth tannins, Radoux perfected the Evolution toast, by lowering the temperature and lengthening the ‘bousinage’ with a ‘re-cooking’ phase, thus revealing aromas which guarantee a perfect balance between the wood and the wine, resulting in smooth tannins and sweetness. To obtain the purest expression of fruit, Radoux’s R&D department created the ‘Révélation’ toast. It is particularly well adapted to structured wines and expresses itself more effectively when used in ageing on fine lees. Using the same technology as Révélation, the Intégration toast was specially created for grape varieties which are sensitive to intense contribution of oak, such as Pinot Noir. On the nose it is lightly toasted, the tannins integrating perfectly in the first months of ageing.
The Classique toast, adapted to red or white wine, is available in three levels of intensity: Medium, Medium+ and Heavy. The Evolution toast, adapted to red or white wines, is available with three levels: Light, Medium and Medium+. Available only for red wines, with one level of toast: Light. Available only for red wine with one level of toast: Medium.

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The Radoux Omega Barrel

To satisfy the increasing demand for barrels respectful of wine, fruit and terroir, Radoux has developed a new barrel for the aging of fine wines: Omega.

Exceptional in its purity and finesse, Omega will reveal the identity of your wines with elegance and discretion.

Radoux OmegaOak Selection
Selecting the wood is the first stage in Radoux’s demand for quality.

The oak for Omega barrels comes from the most prestigious forests of central France. Only tight grain oak is rigorously selected for its development.

Three Year Seasoning
The raw staves are dried naturally in the open air for three years in our integrated stave mill in the regional Park of La Brenne, benefiting from this region’s exceptional environmental conditions.

Omega also benefits from Radoux’s innovation, OakScan®, which enables the instantaneous selection of staves according to their polyphenolic index.

Exclusive Toast
For the Omega barrel, Radoux has developed a specific toasting process to promote the bond between the tannins of the wood and those of the wine.

Radoux’s traditional toasts involve a slow and prolonged heating followed by a « bousinage » operation (finishing stage with an increase in temperature) of variable intensity which enhances various aromas (toast, spices, vanilla, coconut…).

With the Pure toast, only the initial toasting phase is implemented – at a low temperature and in depth. This gentle, long toast preserves the sweetness of the wood (maintains the polysaccharides on the surface) and because of the low degradation of tannins, your wine will acquire more volume.

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Radoux Barrel Range 225 – 228 Litres

Radoux Barrels 225 - 228 Litres

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