Winework Solutions is New Zealand sales agent for Tonnellerie Radoux barrels, vats and casks and for Pronektar chips and staves.


Tonnellerie Radoux 1947  Robert Radoux opened his workshop in Jonzac, between Cognac and Bordeaux, repairing barrels and vats.

1977  Thirty years later, his son and Master Cooper, Christian, took over the business and in 1982 created Tonnellerie Radoux S.A.

1987  After just five years of operation, Radoux opened their own stave mill to enable it to control the supply chain for its wood.

1994  The firm opens two new susbsidiaries; Toneleria Victoria in Rioja-Haro, Spain and Tonnellerie Radoux Inc., in Santa-Rosa California.

2012  Tonnellerie Radoux S.A. join the François Frères Cooperage Group, undisputed world leader both in the barrel industry for ageing wines and spirits and for alternative oak oenological products.

2018  Tonnellerie Radoux S.A. appoint Winework Solutions Limited as New Zealand sales agent for Radoux and Pronektar.


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