Shake Your Money Maker

Shake Your Money Maker
Artist The Black Crows
Country of Origin
United States
Year of Release 1990
  1. Twice As Hard [4:09]
  2. Jealous Again [4:35]
  3. Sister Luck [5:13]
  4. Could I’ve Been So Blind [3:44]
  5. Seeing Things [5:18]
  6. Hard To Handle [3:08]
  7. Thick N’ Thin [2:41]
  8. She Talks To Angels [5:29]
  9. Struttin’ Blues [4:09]
  10. Stare It Cold [5:13]
Comments Shake Your Money Maker was The Black Crows debut album.  It is for me, definitely an album for the car.

Three great tracks in Twice as Hard, Hard to Handle and She Talks to Angels, which all reached number one in the charts.  In my opinion,  Could I’ve Been so Blind is a pretty strong track too.

Drummer, Steve Gorman shows himself to be a standout musician.  I can listen to him all day.

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