(IV) Rattus Norvegicus

(IV)  Rattus Norvegicus
Artist The Stranglers
Country of Origin
Year of Release 1977
  1. Sometimes [4:53]
  2. Goodbye Toulouse [3:16]
  3. London Lady [2:32]
  4. Princess of the Streets [4:37]
  5. Hanging Around [4:25]
  6. Peaches [4:05]
  7. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself) [3:59]
  8. Ugly [4:07]
  9. Down in the Sewer (Medley) [7:53]
  10. Choosey Susie [3:10]
  11. Go Buddy Go [3:56]
  12. Peasant in the Big Shitty (Live) [3:42]

Tracks 10, 11 & 12 are bonus tracks contained on the 2001 reissue on CD, that were not included on the original 1977 vinyl.

Comments This is one of the sound-track albums of my youth and it’s been some time since I listened to it.  However, someone played The Stranglers’ Golden Brown at a BBQ I attended at the weekend and I knew I had to listen to this album again.I was right.  It is The Strangler’s debut studio album and every track is a cracker!  In fact, the track list is the band’s live set, at the time of production.

The title, if you haven’t figured it out, is the taxonomic name for the common brown sewer rat.

There’s no mistaking The Stranglers sound.  Hugh Cromwell’s vocals; Jean-Jacques Burnel’s thumping bass; Jet Black is pretty decent on drums and then there’s Dave Greenfield with his distinctive Hammond organ and Minimoog sound.

Editor’s Note:  If you’re going to be offended by un-PC late ’70s lyrics, then perhaps punk isn’t for you.

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