Pure Heroine

Pure Heroine
Artist Lorde
Country of Origin
New Zealand
Year of Release 2013
  1. Tennis Court [3:18]
  2. 400 Lux [3:54]
  3. Royals [3:10]
  4. Ribs [4:18]
  5. Buzzcut Season [4:06]
  6. Team [3:13]
  7. Glory And Gore [3:30]
  8. Still Sane [3:08]
  9. White Teeth Teens [3:36]
  10. A World Alone [4:54]
  11. Bravado [3:41]
  12. Million Dollar Bills [2:18]
  13. The Love Club [3:21]
  14. Biting Down [3:33]
  15. Swingin Party [3:42]
Comments Pure Heroine was released in September 2013 and was met with critical acclaim, including a Grammy nomination.   At the 2014 New Zealand Music Awards, the album won Best Pop Album and Album of the Year.  It also picked up the Taite Music Prize that year.

In 2014 and 2015 alone, it sold 3.4 million copies.

I do like Lorde’s song writing – she is a poet.  And I understand that the album is intended to highlight her voice and vocal range.

Perhaps I’m just not ‘target audience, but I find this album musically dull.  The label “electro-pop’ sounds like music industry marketese for “couldn’t be arsed paying for musicians to play actual musical instruments.”

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