Dark Room

Dark Room
Artist The Angels
Country of Origin
Year of Release 1980
  1. No Secrets [4:17]
  2. Poor Baby [4:02]
  3. Wasted Sleepless Nights / Dark Room [6:08]
  4. Face The Day [6:07]
  5. Night Comes Early [4:13]
  6. Alexander [3:28]
  7. The Moment [4:18]
  8. I’m Scared [3:49]
  9. Devil’s Gate [5:48]
  10. Back On You [3:09]
  11. Alexander (Early Take) [3:45]
  12. Hot Shit [3:21]
  13. Hard Sell [3:45]
  14. Staring Voices [2:41]
  15. I’m Scared (Live) [4:28]
  16. Face The Day (Single Edit) [4:07
  17. Public Enemy [2:57]
  18. Into The Heat [8:11]
Comments Nothing like a bit of good ole Aussie Rock to blow the cobwebs out and who does it better than The Angels?

The songs are simple but incredibly catchy and whether I’m sitting at my desk, in the car or elsewhere, I can never help but sing along.

Both YouTube and Spotify feature the Australian release of the album, which differed slightly from the international release with re-recorded versions of “Ivory Stairs” and “Straight Jacket” in place of “Alexander” and “I’m Scared”.

Dark Room made it to number five in the charts in Australia and number 37 in New Zealand.

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