Artist Marc Broussard
Country of Origin
Louisiana, USA
Year of Release 2004
  1. Home [5:03]
  2. Rocksteady [4:03]
  3. The Beauty Of Who You Are [4:12]
  4. Save Me [3:41]
  5. Come Around [4:58]
  6. Where You Are [3:52]
  7. Lonely Night In Georgia [6:20]
  8. Saturday [3:10]
  9. The Wanderer [3:57]
  10. Hope For Me Yet [3:45]
  11. Let Me Leave [4:29]
  12. Gavin’s Song [3.11]
Comments Broussard is a masterful song-writer and Carencro is wall-to-wall with wonderfully catchy pop songs that show real substance.

I love the way this album flows effortlessly between rollicking southern-bayou funk to sweet, pop, love-songs and back again.

Having a barbecue or a party? Add Carencro to the playlist. One to keep in the car too!

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