Artist George Benson
Country of Origin
Year of Release 1976
  1. Breezin’ [5:41]
  2. This Masquerade (Remastered Version) [8:03]
  3. Six to Four [5:11]
  4. Affirmation [6:58]
  5. So This Is Love? [7:04]
  6. Lady [6:00]
  7. Shark Bite (Remastered) [6:12]
  8. Down Here on the Ground [9:09]
  9. This Masquerade (Edit) [3:16]
Comments Breezin’ was actually George Benson’s 15th studio album, but is the first anyone has really heard of.  Benson had enjoyed some success on the jazz charts prior to Breezin’ but this album simply exploded.  Triple Platinum and Number One on the Album, R & B and Jazz charts.  It sold over three million copies.

Benson’s cruisy, R & B, jazz guitar stylings are instantly recognizable.  And his songs are at once mesmerising in their smoothness and yet irresistibly catchy.  If defy you not to start singing along.

This was trend-setting R & B pop at its best when it was released more than 40 years ago.  These days it’s probably labelled as ‘easy-listening’.

I think it is a forgotten jewel.

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