Product Reviews

Product reviews are independently produced and published by Colin Ford and Winework Solutions Limited.  For detailed information about Colin Ford, his training and background, please click here.

Wines and other products are tasted blind and a tasting note is composed as a part of the review process.  Other key elements, such as packaging, pricing or availability may also comprise part of the review process.

Reviews are published firstly on the Winework Solutions website and may be included in our specialised publications for restaurateurs, retailers and consumers.  Material may also be included on other websites under syndication agreements.

Producers of wine, beer and other liquor products are invited to submit their products for review, subject to the following guidelines…



Reviews are conducted and published free for wine, beer and other liquor product producers, importers and distributors.



Free reviews are published without a product image, however an image may be included as a paid option.  For more information, please click here…


Please send two samples, one for tasting and one for photography/backup.  If you require a product image, please read the information on product images.

Samples should be accompanied by a relevant product information sheet.


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