Product Photography


Quality Brings Credibility


Steve Bird Big Barrel Marlborough Pinot NoirHigh quality, professionally produced product images are an important and powerful marketing resource. They make an influential statement about your business and represent the quality and reliability of your products and your brand.

Our product images are created by product photography specialists, using a custom lighting scheme that has been specially developed for Winework Solutions to yield high quality, consistent images, time after time, at a reasonable price.

The image files you’ll receive are suitable for use across a diverse range of platforms. From electronic use on your website and in email communications – and those of your distributor and retail partners worldwide – to printed materials, information sheets, brochures, posters, signage and even billboards.

In addition, our skilled team provides an array of optional services by arrangement.  Digital editing, such as the addition of reflections, special group shots, composites and highly retouched images at scale for signage, billboards or trade show banners are examples. Please let us know if you have special requirements.

To download an image to view in detail, please click here.  [1.5MB JPG]


Image Specifications & Post Processing

Image Specifications
Resolution 300dpi
Colour Profile
Background Clearcut on white
Format JPG
Size A4  (approx. 1140 x 3545px)
Back Label Removal During photography, back labels can cast shadows, affect lighting and product colour or simply detract from producing an optimal image, especially with white wines or clear spirits. Where necessary, we remove back labels prior to photography so as to provide the best product image possible.
Capsule Realignment Branding elements and graphics on capsules do not always align to the centre of the bottle after the packaging process. This is particularly noticeable when a range of bottles with the same capsules are shown together. As part of our standard service, we correct any misaligned capsule elements in post-processing, involving additional photographs and retouching (at no extra charge).
Clearcutting Sometimes known as ‘deep-etching’, clearcutting separates the bottle image from the background, giving an image in JPG format the appearance of a clean white background. Images may also be placed against other photographic or coloured backgrounds. Please let us know if you require TIFF files for this purpose. Clearcutting is included as part of our standard service.
Archiving We keep all our clients’ original photographic files on-hand at full-scale, in case they’re needed again for other specialised outputs (e.g. bus and vehicle signage, billboards etc). Further editing or retouching may be required if the images are to be viewed at large scale.
Image Library All images can be included in our Product Image Library for a small additional fee. This means that images can be freely and easily accessed and downloaded for immediate use by our clients and their sales, distribution, retail and media partners around the world. Magazines, ad-agencies and graphic designers can likewise access and download images and logos, ensuring that all communications utilize your authorized images and branding elements.


Image Library

Our online Image Library service will make your product images available to download for FREE by your sales force, distributors, importers, retailers and media, world-wide.

Your products are easily searched by brand and can be instantly downloaded, 24-hours per day, seven days per week, from anywhere.  No more sending giant image files by email.

To view our Image Library, please click here.


Prices & Editing Options

Image Fees
Quantity Price
1-5 $85
6-15 $75
16-50 $65
50+ $55
Optional Editing Fees
Minor Editing & Retouching $25
Digital Editing & Specialised Services POA
Image Library Fees – Annually
1-5 $30
6-15 $25
16-50 $20
50+ $15
All prices are per product and exclude GST.
Payment is due on completion of work and files are delivered on receipt of payment.
We accept payment by internet banking, Visa, Mastercard, American Express & PayPal.Credit Card Logos


Sample Selection

Your selection of samples to send for photography is critical to you receiving the highest quality at the lowest cost by avoiding digital editing that may otherwise have been unnecessary.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when selecting photography samples to send…

  • Care should be taken to provide us with samples that are in perfect condition
  • Free of blemishes, label scuffs or tears
  • Without visible glass seams, especially on the front of the bottle
  • Labels should be straight
  • Any text or logos on capsules or screwcaps correctly aligned


Image Ordering

Image orders can be placed online, via our website, using this simple form; please click here…