Winework Solutions product images are versatile.  We offer a full range of photographic and design options to meet our clients promotional imagery requirements.

These examples demonstrate how an image collection can be used for effective, professional marketing of your brand and products.  To discuss your image requirements, please contact Colin Ford at Winework Solutions.


Product Images

Legend Fine Grape Wine SpiritThis is an example of our Elite Product Image.  Our custom lighting scheme provides a bright, detailed finish with excellent modelling effect.

The image file is supplied at approximately 60cm tall, an through our other image options an be supplied at even larger scale, as required.  The Elite Image will reproduce with great detail at magazine quality and at scales larger than A4 in size; practical for most print media applications.  These images can be scaled for use in web, email and other online applications too, while retaining their vivid colour and sharpness of detail.

Alongside our Elite Product Images, we offer Budget, Premium, Platinum & Custom image services to meet each of our clients specific budgets and requirements.

For Example, our Premium Product Images are consistent over time, allow you to choose from a range of add-on editing options as required, and provide excellent value for money.  Winework Solutions Premium Product Images will more than fulfil the needs of most customers.

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Package Images

Legend Fine Grape Wine Spirit Package 1 Legend Fine Grape Wine Spirit Package 2

These two examples of package images shown here, demonstrate how just a slightly different angle of photography gives a very different style of image with very different moods.  Each is suitable for distinct marketing situations.

These too are examples of our Premium Product Image service and will reproduce at magazine  quality at up to A4 in size or can be easily scaled for online applications.

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Product & Package Group Images

Legend Fine Grape Wine Spirit GroupIn this example, two Premium Product Images have been composited to display the product and its packaging together.

Premium Product Images and Custom Composites from them can be supplied with a white background in JPG format or clearcut and supplied on a transparent background in PNG or TIF formats and are suitable for use in both print and web based media.

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Magazine & Print Media Advertising Images

Legend Fine Grape Wine Spirit with GlassThis is an example of a Custom Studio Image designed to be a versatile image for advertising applications in print and electronic media.

Note the image includes plenty of space for either cropping or the addition of text and related graphical elements in the finished advertisement.

Creation of this image included a custom studio set-up of the bottle, package and glass on slick white-grey surfaces and background with custom lighting. Multiple photographic captures with post processing, adjustments, compositing and addition of reflections. Then, retouching to the finished image.

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Brand Hero Images

A Custom Hero Image such as this is designed to convey the feeling or mood of the brand and product in a very emotive way.

Creation of an image such as this is a complex task involving a high degree of skill in both photography and graphic design.

This image included a custom studio set-up of the bottle, package and glass on the base surfaces with fire in the background. Custom lighting and multiple photographic captures to acquire suitable images to composite. Different captures for individual elements with individual lighting and effects. Post processing, adjustments and compositing, then retouching to the finished image.

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Legend Fine Grape Wine Spirit Fireside