Our skilled team provides an array of optional services by arrangement. Digital editing, such as vintage removal or the addition of reflections, special group shots, composites and highly retouched images at scale for signage, billboards or trade show banners are examples.

For custom photography, on-location photography or advanced digital post processing, please contact us to discuss how you envisage using your images, aspect ratios, the mood or idea you want to convey or what it is you like about a picture you have that inspires you. We can then prepare a quote.


Vintage Removal & Editing

We digitally alter or completely remove the vintage shown on the label, according to your instructions, and re-align the remaining text.
($25 per product)



Digital Compositing

Our team can produce an image of a unique grouping of your brand or product tier. For dramatic shots, these are generally composed photographically in the studio. In other cases we’re able to produce digital composite images utilizing individual product shots.

Montana Reserve Marlborough Chardonnay 2006
Digitally composed from five separate photographs to show detail in the ‘gold’ elements across a curved surface.



Addition of Reflections

Images can be digitally edited to show reflections, as though the product is sitting on a shiny surface.



Digital Reconstruction

Packaging and especially label elements can be digitally reconstructed for large scale images where pristine, sharp edges and great detail are required.

Babich Gimblett Gravels Merlot Cabernet
‘Gold’ effect family crest and embossing on lower-right of label all digitally reconstructed using original label artwork. Vintage removed and the text re-aligned.
Visit our Platinum Product Image page.



Brand ‘Hero’ Shots

Custom designed product images that may feature unique lighting and positioning to powerfully convey the values and qualities of your brand.
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Large Format Adverts

Our images are captured with sufficient resolution to enable them to be used for signage, billboards, banners & vehicle wraps & graphics.
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On-Location Photography

Contact us to arrange for professional, on-location photography for your brand imagery, website, print resources and advertising.
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